For the establishment of a new outdoor market, the creative community is invited to help design the retail experience through the Urban Commissions programme.

Designers are asked to propose designs for a key component of the market; the multi-purpose retail unit where retailers will be given a dedicated unit as a temporary shop, to display, stock and sell their products.

The winning proposal will be awarded AED 60,000 plus costs of up to AED 40,000 to produce a prototype. Once executed and built, this unit will become the signature identity of the new pop-up market.

A panel of judges from the Art Dubai Group and A.R.M. Holding will look at proposals that best meet the main requirements, with the cost of production being a key factor.

Main Requirements:

  • Mobile

The units need to be moved easily as the market will be located in different locations

  • Easily packed

The market will be temporary and will pop-up in different locations therefore the units need to be easily unmounted and stacked when stored

  • Use little electric power

Given the temporary nature of the market, the units need to be self-powering by harvesting solar power and using solar panels.

  • Multifunctional

The units need to serve multiple purposes and have the options to accommodate various product categories therefore display furniture need to be quite versatile.

  • Harsh weather friendly

The units need to endure sudden weather changes, from harsh winds to showers.

  • Size

The units need to be designed to be from 1.5m in length to 4m and be stand-alone independent fixtures with the possibility for them to be connected

  • Look and feel

The market aims to showcase high quality F&B and craftsmanship and therefore must have a distinctive ‘look and feel’

The submission deadline is 30 August 2020. For more information, please contact