For the establishment of a new outdoor market, the creative community is invited to help design the retail experience through the Urban Commissions programme.

Designers are asked to propose designs for a key component of the market; the multi-purpose retail unit where retailers will be given a dedicated unit as a temporary shop, to display, stock and sell their products.

The winning proposal will be awarded AED 60,000 plus costs of up to AED 40,000 to produce a prototype. Once executed and built, this unit will become the signature identity of the new pop-up market.

A panel of judges from the Art Dubai Group and A.R.M. Holding will look at proposals that best meet the main requirements, with the cost of production being a key factor.

Main Requirements:

    • Mobile

      Meaning they can be deployed at different locations easily. Setup should be fairly straightforward and fast. The design should take this into serious consideration.

    • Storage Friendly

      They should be able to be packed and stored without getting easily damaged

    • Multifunctional

      The kiosk should be able to cater to the different display needs of a vendor (for example a clothing brand would need rails, a homewares brand would need nice shelves). As well as have well placed (and concealed) storage areas.

    • Various Sizes

      There should be a series of different sizes stalls ranging from 1.5 meters to 4 meters. There should be a modular type expansion to the various sizes where they are able to be connected to form larger kiosks as well connect to each other along a row to provide extra stability. We are suggesting the following (ultimately up to the designer to make the decision):

      - 1.5m W (front face), 2m depth, 2.4 m H
      - 1.5m W (front face), 3m depth, 3m H
      - 3m W (front face), 3m depth, 2.4m H
      - 4m W (front face), 3m depth, 3m H

      • Have provisions for power and lighting

        These should be concealed and minimally visually invasive. Lighting should be visually pleasing and not overpowering

      • Durable Design and Build

        We can get very strong storm winds and rainfall that comes in strong bursts. We need a kiosk that is structurally robust and will be able to withstand the sudden wind and rain.

      • Scalable & Cost Effective

        We plan to produce around 200 of these kiosks. As such cost and scalability are two major challenges this design project faces. We encourage the creative use of standard material sizes and off the shelf parts (that are readily available in the UAE market - please research this properly).

      • Have a unique look and feel

        We want this to have a strong visual identity and encourage people to visit the kiosk. The kiosks should have a high quality look.

      Detailed Design Brief

      For more information, please download the Detailed Design Brief or contact

      Deadline to submit is 30 August