With more than 80 years of history, Finsa has been a pioneer in the development of wood solutions for interior design and furniture in the Iberian Peninsula. They currently have a presence in over 80 countries and have been in the Middle East for over 28 years.

Since their beginnings, they have been ever-conscious of the responsibility of using wood as the base element to their products. Continually learning from it, they incorporate many of its virtues into their organization; its versatility, and strength as well as emotional closeness to people, and the comfort it brings to society.

Finsa considers itself a part of the full natural cycle, taking care of both the raw material as well as the forest and environment. Following the path of the industry, which is based on a circular economy, their products are present today in more than 80 countries being part of the spaces we live in.

Finsa’s commitment to design is present in the development of their products and processes, regularly holding design events and producing their own trendbooks.