'Flowing Threads,' a captivating textile installation that unravels layers of symbolism, revealing the interconnectedness of identity and the cosmic tapestry, all while emphasizing transparency and adaptability in life.

Palestinian textile designer Areen expands her practice through Flowing Threads, an installation embodying symbolism using textiles that are unravelled and reshaped by the designer’s own hands. This meticulous and laborious technique reveals layers that allow the fabric to follow the movement of the wind, accentuating its lightness, whilst the contrast of colour against the muted solidness of its surroundings creates a dynamic gradation of reflections.

The fabric itself is a microcosm, representing an individual's existence within the larger universe. Just as the fabric consists of interconnected threads, humans are interconnected with the fabric of the universe, forming part of a cosmic tapestry. By unravelling the fabric, Areen contemplates the unravelling of one's own journey, the layers of identity and the significance of transparency and adaptability in life itself.