Authentic, connected and human-centric, Styled Habitat’s contemporary style pays homage to the multicultural aesthetic of the region.

Their debut installation, a visual journey of collated pieces, objets trouvés, layers of colour, pattern and texture, is the ’history’ of a life as told through the spaces we call home.

Considered scenographies reveal moments passed or yet to come, waiting to be discovered, to unlock old memories or create new ones, mirroring the alchemy of our relationship with personal spaces. Pieces by Gubi and &tradition are sourced by Ikonhouse and combined with textiles by Dedar. Rugs and antiques are sourced through ‘The Rug Company’ and ‘The Odd Piece’, respectively. The collectable artworks in various mediums are provided and integrated into the storytelling by the design team at Styled Habitat.

(Note: Saudade is considered to be an emotive word, much like Hygge in Danish. In this case, it refers to a longing for something that is yet to happen, or nostalgia for a treasured moment in the past).