This workshop aimed squarely at young creative minds, and it covered the basics of graphic design.

The workshop explored pattern design and how patterns are an active component in branding and promotion. Professor Faour explained the different types of repetition in graphic design and spoke about creating patterns for brands in specific. After delivering a digital tutorial on pattern design, Professor Faour launched her challenge. Participants had the remainder of the session to solve the problem while receiving one-on-one feedback.

Ages: 18+

About Dina Faour:

Dina Faour is a professor of Advertising and Graphic Design at the American University in Dubai. She curates events and activities that facilitate active learning and direct engagement with leading industry professionals. Dina regularly showcases her own works and writes to different platforms on design, advertising, and education. Through her research, Dina is committed to generating knowledge that helps understand, assess, and improve creative industry practices in the region.