An innovative session where participants used earth-friendly clay to create and mold original objects.

A creative workshop where participants sculpted and molded unique pieces using Eco-conscious clay. Paper clay is versatile and fit for hand-building. It is strong and lightweight, as it is made using paper maché and natural flours for sturdier builds. This handmade clay works just as well as standard air-drying clay, but is slightly more coarse in texture.

Ages: 16+

About Quarter Moon Studios

Quarter Moon Studios is founded and run by designer Juhi Chaand. It is a multidisciplinary studio that practices a hands-on approach to investigate how waste materials can be re-processed and transformed into sculptural and functional objects. A background in interior design aids this practice and aims at challenging traditional perceptions of traditional materials. Here, we play with materials and tactility to realize depths in spaces. Our intention is to design and grow within a circular system. Everything we use and produce inclusive of packaging, is curated to have minimal impact on the planet.