Bokja presents a deeply contemplative installation in the form of a boxing ring.

“We’re asking people to stop and engage in a conversation on some of the most pressing issues of today. Let’s talk about the weather, air our opinions, and agree to disagree on a disjointed assemblage of items raised on a boxing ring.”

Bokja invites the spectator to engage and answer grand questions epitomising global issues, like climate change. Bedecked with natural iconography on the brand’s signature textiles, the boxing ring will feature a surrealist depiction of a punching bag, packed and loaded to signify the topics at hand.

In line with the brand’s sustainability commitment, the 6x6 m installation is constructed from recycled shader canvases and silk remnants reborn from the atelier floor.

The punching bag is made of assembled remnant silks and embroideries while the boxing floor is covered in waterproof shader, a reclaimed canvas fabric used to shelter goods like fruits and vegetables during long truck journeys. Akin to human skin, shader functions as a protection, but also as a record of passing time and weathered journeys. Eighteen quilted cushions, crafted from the same assemblage of fabrics and embroideries, invite guests to engage with the topics – and their own rage – more deeply. The entire installation was produced in Bokja’s Basta atelier in Beirut.