Participants in this workshop learnt about blueprint chemistry.

Artist Mansi bavishi took the participants into the world before cameras. She invited them to learn about the first photographic processes ever invented in 1840’s and the blueprint chemistry. In this Botanical Cyanotype Printmaking Workshop, participants were encouraged to explore the chemistry of blueprints and the power of the sunlight. They were invited to hand-pick their botanical which call out to them and translate them into Cyan blueprints. Attendees learnt to be aware of the positive and negative space in their composition and what their objects mean to create aesthetically mindful compositions using two different techniques. The workshop was designed for each participant to learn basic & intimidate techniques of printing in a single workshop.

Ages: 10+

About the Artist:

Mansi Bavishi is an artist, Jewelry designer from India residing and working in UAE since 2016. Mansi’s true passion is building bridges between the past and the present. She says: "My life today is about finding the beauty in simple subjects, capturing that beauty in a meaningful way, and displaying it with artistic intent."
In 2019, she founded the Lippan Art Studio, where she now specializes in cyanotype photographic prints and traditional lippan folk art - two areas where she has truly managed to make a name for herself. Mansi's work is unique and sought-after by collectors because she is the only artist working exclusively with cyanotypes in the UAE. Mansi's progression as a cyanotype artist has led to the development of modern techniques which are reflected in her commissioned works - frequently encompassing unique, personalized cyanotype portraits. Inspired by the rich cultural phenomenon of Expo 2020, she is currently working on developing 3D cyanotypes, scheduled to launch in 2023.