Participants explored the wood turning lathe machine and use multiple tools alongside it and created a personalized whistle.

In this workshop, participants had the opportunity to create and customize their very own functional whistle which they took home. When finished, participants personalized their carving designs and enhance the finish with vibrant colours and fun decorations.

Suitable for all ages from 7+

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About StuDIYo Lab

Studiyo Lab is the first design and technology center to open in the UAE, offering a wide range of woodworking, metal casting and acrylic molding based projects – targeting children from the age of 5 years. Studiyo Lab promotes hands on, practical making and problem solving skills through a variety of creative and practical projects, where children will be taught the knowledge, understanding and skills required to engage in an iterative process of “MAKING”, while learning in an “EXPERIENTIAL” way. All their machines and hand tools are child safe and friendly and they take great care to use materials that are of high quality, always keeping in mind that they cater to little fingers. Their activities give children a tangible sense of accomplishment after completing their projects.