UAE Designer Exhibition returns this year with a second adaptation, fully dedicated to a presentation of the emergent and early career designers and creatives from across the UAE.

This exhibition is transforming into a continual platform for the local creative community, offering emerging talents and young practitioners and practices with the chance to break into the creative regional market to launch new work, face audience feedback and establish possible commercial leads and collaborations.

UAE Designer Exhibition 2.0 will feature a wide selection of design subjects from different levels of expertise and career stage including design research, students, makers, artisans and independent startup design practices.

This year’s adaptation will take place at Downtown Editions, part of Downtown Design Dubai benchmarking the exhibiting designers with leading international and regional design powerhouses, giving them the chance to benefit from top exposure from industry professionals, experts buyers and business partners based in the UAE.

Over 25 exhibiting designers will present locally produced and inspired work varying from furniture pieces such as Omar Al Gurg and Farah Ahmed, textile design from Shaikha AlTeneiji and Haneen Chaarawi, homeware handmade accessories from Lena Kassicieh and Aditi Patwari, traditional crafts techniques such as Norah Mohammed and Raghad Alali as well as contemporary home design pieces using 3D printing and contemporary manufacturing technologies with the likes of Alas Shibly, Nyxo Studio, Sara Al Harbali amongst others.