The 'Translating the Fictive' talk explored the topic of the relationship of realism and narrative through imagined, constructed and other relevant works within the RMJM global architecture practice.

The architect as a narrator serves to create buildings and spaces that communicate, and this event took a closer look at how different narratives and media can be used to create new architecture forms while also altering our understanding of existing ones. Through using a metaphor of imagined architecture or ideation, to concept formation, architectural storytelling is crucial to the building of spaces that convey meaning.

The process of translating our surrounding physically, mirrors the process of re-imagining the city; starting with conversations, followed by drawing and making, leading to the formation of a new architectural form. Through a process of communicating and then interpreting fictional space, RMJM focused on a few insights into our current practice and possible futures for various future works.

About RMJM

From ambitious beginnings in the cold streets of Edinburgh in 1956, the RMJM legacy is a manifesto of brilliance. The Speed, Personality, Energy and Creativity of each member of the RMJM clan has helped establish the RMJM SPEC as the driving force behind each design, ensuring that we always strive for excellence. With a continuous presence in the Middle East since the 1960’s, our combination of intellectual capital and regional expertise allows us to solve the most complex of problems, offering innovative designs, rooted in the understanding of local culture and traditions.

We have been actively involved in Masterplanning the urban realm, where we prioritise the sustainable quality of local architecture by inducing a culturally sensitive approach, one of flexibility and creativity. From our vast experience working in cities. we understand the relevance and richness of context and draw upon this for inspiration and relevance in our work.

We take time to understand what our clients want from their project, their aspirations, budget and target audience. We treat each project as a unique opportunity. As a result, we have won numerous awards and delivered commercial success to scores of clients throughout the Middle East.