A free face-to-face masterclass was offered by Cristina Mateo, the Associate Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design.

Traditionally third spaces, such as libraries or cafes have been key for the enhancement of human interaction and community building. In a digital age, the likes of Instagram or mobility providers such as Uber or Cabify pose challenges for the creation of successful experiences where people can feel at ease and are able to express themselves and communicate with others.

Is there still a role for third spaces in the digital city?

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About Cristina Mateo

Cristina Mateo is Associate Dean at the IE, School of Architecture and Design. She is a specialist in urban ethnography, branding, communication, and Digital-Transformation. She teaches the relationship of "Sociology and Culture" and the social impact of Digital Transformation. Beforehand, she was for over 4 years, Head of Strategic Planning and Marketing for Castile and Leon Government, where she was in charge of implementing a strategy leading towards the internationalization of the region as well as seeking private public partnerships and managing a regional events strategy.