The conceptual art studio of Claudia Moseley and Edward Shuster, Shuster + Moseley, explored geometric prismatic forms that revealed the shape of light for Dubai Design Week.

Working with Dubai-based consultancy firm ESPACE, the artists showed how consciousness can be opened towards deeper dimensions of luminosity, through ambitious, large-scale glass antiprisms unveiled at Dubai Design Week at d3 in November.

Each unique form is an extrapolation of an Archimedean solid, constructed from clear optical glass panes that reflected and refracted a unique optical fingerprint of the surroundings. The works are suggestive of boulders resting in the landscape, like future relics of our contemporary techno-scene. Pointing to the geometric opening of a space for light and it’s spectrality, the installation is conceived as the opening of a space for conscious, meditative reflection: prognostic vessels for the crystallization of perspectives.