Participants learnt how to up-cycle their plastic waste into a modern piece of quilted artwork, designed to pair with the exhibition ‘Reframing Plastic’.

Participants were encouraged to bring in their own packaging to up-cycle: heavy plastic bags are easiest to work with but packaging from grocery items like pasta, nuts and crisps could be used as well. They had a selection of material collected to choose from if need be.

Switch mentalities and treat plastic as a resource in lieu of a waste.

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About Natalya Konforti

Natalya Konforti is a French-American designer and artist based in Dubai. A lifelong traveler, she spent her childhood in Florida, trained as a fashion designer in France and continued her career in China before arriving in the Middle East. Although her background in fashion has led to a strong affinity for textile, Natalya develops her practice with a focus on sustainability, often incorporating experimental materials such as salvaged plastic or upcycled wood along the way.