A result of an ongoing long-term research project by Beirut-based architecture studio Bits to Atoms, the ‘Pulp Fusion’ exhibition explored compostable seed carrier structures inspired by pigeon houses that are found all over the Middle East and cast in recycled paper.

The exhibition displayed the research behind every part of the process, showcasing the techniques and the prototypes from the different stages of production.

Visitors were able to explore compostable building materials and structures, the use of colors found in natural sources of pigmentation, studies on structure & resistance based on rigorous research and testing on the thorough understanding of paper that emerged in their innovation of the ‘Pulp Fusion’ as construction material. This presentation rounded up with demonstrations on the afterlife & positive environmental impact of such structures.

About Bits to Atoms

Bits to Atoms is a Research and Creation lab for Architecture and Design in Beirut, Lebanon. It focuses on creative thinking, offering advanced architecture and design solutions that provide clients all the benefits of digital conception and fabrication.

Bits to Atoms has the largest research lab in the Middle East with 7 axis robotic arm, industrial 3D printers. It uses them to design and craft innovative parametric architectures and designs. Deeply rooted in fabrication know-how and fueled by constant research on materials and techniques the creations of the Lab are providing new potentials and emergent objects.

With a multidimensional practice and cross disciplinary technical knowledge, the office and the workshop's strength lies in the design and fabrication techniques where coding and computing bring to fabrication new design experiences for the users and new opportunities to the developers.