Go beyond the retail bargains and tourist offerings! Participants practiced street photography and learnt techniques for different lighting conditions all while taking in the history of The Creek from your guide and surroundings.

This Photo Walk gave the opportunity to learn how to take successful street photographs that work with the available light, regardless of your camera or mobile phone. But there’s more to a successful photograph than a correct exposure. One of GPP’s photography instructors taught the process behind taking images that go beyond the snapshot, sharing the technical skills and interpersonal techniques for working with the environment and the diverse architectural styles that make Creekside so interesting.
In addition to the focus on photography, participants experienced a route that is laced with culture and history of this community, and learn how it has changed throughout the decades.

You will learn:
● How to overcome technical obstacles when working in unfavorable lighting conditions, regardless of the camera or mobile phone in use.

● What to seek out when composing images that go beyond a ‘snapshot’

How to navigate asking ‘strangers’ to pose for a photograph, and how to take portraits that do justice to the subject.

● The history of the Bur Dubai and Deira areas, from the establishment of the creek as a key trade and settlement location until today.

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