The winning proposal of the 2021 Abwab commission, ‘Nature in Motion’ was an analogy of the Dubai Desert and its evolution towards a leading city in constant progress and development, becoming a global inspiration.

The pavilion drew ideas from the local environment and the geographical context of the city, calling nature back to the urbanized and developed areas, while creating a harmonious and mutually respectful dialogue between nature and the city.

The pavilion mimicked the natural occurrence of a sand wave rolling over the ground, inspired by nature’s motion and emphasizing how sustainability and durability occur when we move along with it, not against it. Built of sustainable and recyclable materials such as bamboo and sustainable fabric, the lightweight structure and the volatility of the pavilion design allowed the space to act as a multi-functional and multi-purpose public space that simultaneously sheltered the visitors.

About Ahmed El-Sharabassy
An experienced architect and creative designer, Ahmed Sharabassy won his first design award at the age of 19. He worked and researched in the field of co-design and believes in the empowerment of young minds to drive future innovation. Ahmed is an international associate of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and CEO/Founder of Sharabassy Built Environment Studio, which has offices in Dubai, Cairo and Jeddah.