Fann A Porter and The Workshop Dubai presented 'In a land of no sheep: Metamorphosis of a Nomadic Tent', an avant-garde, interactive and sustainable installation presented by internationally acclaimed Jordanian food artist and molecular gastronomist, Omar Sartawi.

Coinciding with Dubai Design Days, Omar embarked on a new endeavor that took visitors back in time in a showcase of heritage, while catapulting them into the future of sustainable living and creation, looking at one of the hallmarks of the Arabian Peninsula, a Bedouin tent. His passion for creating thought provoking adventures has led him to creating a sustainable, interactive, and engulfing experience though crafting a floating tent, mixing in his love and experience of molecular gastronomy.

By creating the skin of the tent using aubergine 'leather' and utilizing the latest technological advances to age the leather to produce a seemingly hovering yet grounded typical peg tent, Omar presented two aspects of our being, our future looking selves, and our connection to our roots.

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