Participants explored the mycelium production and oyster mushroom cultivation, and experienced live how the growth medium is prepared.

Mycelium, the actual living part of fungi, can also be used to produce lamps or building materials when another fungus is used. In this workshop, the participants will learn all about the production of mycellium and the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, as well as the required growth medium and materials to be utilized. The workshop's demonstrative method has been developed for the Dutch Pavilion at the World Expo; it is a robust and simple method to propagate mycelium. Mycelium typically takes the form of the mold in which it grows, which gives infinite design possibilities with organic form, of which several are on display at the Dutch Pavilion.

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About Peter Oei

Peter Oei is a program manager at SIGN. Peter Specializes in the cultivation of exotic mushrooms, and is the author of the 520-pages book—Mushroom Cultivation IV. He leads innovations in greenhouse horticulture, sustainable building & energy, mushroom technology to turn societal challenges into business models for a sustainable world. He is the designer of the mushroom farm at the Sustainability District's Dutch Pavilion at the World Expo 2020, and develops mycelium products from agricultural waste streams.