An exhibition presented by IED Istituto Europeo di Design featured projects by IED Alumni at Dubai Design Week 2021 in d3, focused on three core themes; sustainability, lightness and fragility.

After in-depth analysis and research, the three themes have found a form and dimension in the exhibition titled "Light Shelters";The featured projects, HATCH by Yellowdot Design and ASSEMBLAGE 2.0 by Andra Handric, presented a balance between passion, creativity and protection of an ecosystem, with a focus on knowledge of new materials, upcycling and decluttering based on our duty to provide a future for the next generations.

Choosing light and fragility as key words, ‘HATCH’ by Yellowdot Design is a pendant light created from eggshells collected from three weeks of egg consumption. The extremely thin eggshell diffuser is arranged carefully by hand and bonded with bio-based resin. Assembled with a craftsman's attitude, it becomes a new material for creating luminous effects.

ASSEMBLAGE 2.0 by Andra Handric takes us into the world of fashion and textile design with an installation that highlights the protection-fragility binomial of this moment to make us reflect on ourselves as well.

About the designers

Yellowdot is an award-winning studio for product design and creative consultancy led by Bodin Hon and Dilara Kan. Founded in 2017 in Hong Kong, playfulness and optimism play a major role in the studio’s projects: stories are told and objects are brought to life through forms and materials that bring joy and surprise to the everyday.

ANDRAHANADRIC studio is an international brand, established in high-end avant-garde fashion design since 2015. “Black Clothes White Souls” embodies the nucleus around which the brand develops its values, focusing on the inner particularities of individuals, freedom of self-expression through a whimsical universe of shapes and textures.