Highlighting the impact and influence of the digital era and technologies on Art, Architecture, Design, and Humanity this exhibition by University of Sharjah showcased how students as future engineers, architects and designers are planning and devising our new cities.

Visitors at Dubai Design District (d3) during Dubai Design Week got to explore how the next generation could gain the utmost benefit from the digital media era, especially nowadays when students are accepting the challenge of the pandemic and adapting and developing their work and their way of learning and being taught.

The exhibition included urban furniture alongside 30+ 3D printed models, posters and animations of futuristic mosques and skyscrapers alongside large scale projects revolving around the themes of designing on Mars and self-learning AI building, designed by University of Sharjah students, showing how technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AR-VR-AI) could reshape creativity with ideas reflecting the future of architecture and engineering.

This was a collective exhibition made by students of University of Sharjah under the mentorship of Prof. Aref Maksoud. The goal behind their participation was to show the impact and influence of the digital era and its related technologies on ART, ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, and HUMANITY.