Cyanosoba is a public installation which offers alternative seating to cities combining solar powered lighting solution and tool offering the possibility of measuring the color of the sky.

The top of each seating has a solar cell battery and by day harvests energy from the sun and brings light to the city by night. Installed cyanometer, an instrument invented in 18th century by the Swiss scientist Horace-Bénédict de Saussure, keeps its main purpose to measure the blueness of the sky. However, instead of looking into the sky, user are invited to look down and see the sky through the mirrored surface. By determining the blueness of the sky and the quality of air, this allows this project to be reviewed as an instrument that raises awareness of the quality of one of the crucial elements of life.

The ambiguous purpose of the installation brings into question how we read objects and how we can rewrite that script of interaction to find new ways of being with objects. They do not only subsist to function but can also still be read as sculptural components.

About the designer

Lana Sokolova is a curator, an art manager and multidisciplinary designer a fundamental interest in urban spaces. She graduated from IED Madrid and holds Master degree of Design and Innovation (Product Design). For the last 10 years she has been engaged in creative movement of Baku (Azerbaijan), worked with leading art institutions, curating art exhibitions and engaged with creative direction. During her tenure, she managed the creative development and delivery of numerous large-scale events and exhibitions at YARAT Contemporary Art Organization (Azerbaijan).