Cecilia Setterdahl for 'Creation of Contemporary Carpet' provided an informative and educational talk on the kinds and types of carpet especially carpet, highlighting her studio, Carpets CC's practices in carpet and rug-making.

The talk touched on topics such as differentiating between hand knotted, hand tufted and flat weave carpets, the various techniques that require a specific design and implementation, tips and pointers on how to create bespoke carpets with several, varying material options and also inform on geometrical shapes and bold colours that will transform any space.

About Carpets CC by Cecilia Setterdahl

Carpets CC was born in 2013 after an inspiring trip to India where Cecilia saw beautiful rugs being hand-crafted. As an artist herself, Cecilia decided that her geometric paintings would make ideal designs for carpets, creating unique works of art which would grace your floors rather than your walls where geometrical forms and combinations of colours are the key ingredients. She sketches every design by hand. All carpets are hand-crafted using high quality wools and are available in different finishes and sizes.