Collected recipes from community of Emirati home cooks alongside reimagined versions of these treasured recipes; creatively envisioned by a new generation of Emirati Chefs.

In the early days of coastal region, before electricity, roads and phones, most ingredients were hard to come by. Day to day cooking was quite basic; and only when a very special occasion rolled around, was the spice cupboard opened to prepare these significant recipes. A lot has changed between the formation of the union in 1971; and the UAE today in 2021. The guarding of secret recipes held closely within a family, has not changed - and more than one chef told us that their grandmothers were very happy to cook them whatever dessert or dish they'd like - but they would not be allowing any recipe details outside of their own kitchens. Taking these original themes, ingredients & concepts, today's new generation of Emirati chefs have deconstructed and recreated our treasured recipes into contemporary, delicious new creations.

About Mirzam Chocolate Makers

Mirzam crafts chocolate, from bean to bar in Dubai. Inspired by the history of spice trading from the Arabian Gulf across half the world to the south tip of Japan, we source cocoa beans and spices from eight countries along the mythological Spice Route.