Participants were introduced to pottery hand building and sculpture techniques and created their own decorative pottery item.

In this workshop, participants were introduced to the fundamentals of hand building and sculpture techniques guided by hands on demonstrations. These processes were then used to build various pottery items, functional or decorative. This workshop was fit for both beginners and intermediate participants.

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About Amani Badur

Amani Badur is the founder of A-CPA (AMANI CERAMICS, POTTERY & ART). She founded A-CPA on the belief that the most common parts of one's life should be the most beautiful. Every object tells us a story; she believes in story-filled lives. A-CPA is a private ceramic art & pottery studio based in Dubai, UAE. They produce and sell contemporary, functional ceramics and other handmade goods with an emphasis on local and regional traditions. A-CPA also offers classes, workshops, and private lessons.