Participants were invited to design, create and take home their own 100% unique and upcycled totebag. They bought their own garments to use as lining or chose from a range of fabric which include car airbags, seatbelts and textiles from an aircraft.

2020 and our time in self isolation has given us and people across the globe a renewed sense of value for connection meaningful ways. This appreciation extends to the things we surround ourselves with.
There is a desire to emerge from this unique moment in time to play a part in remaking our world and living a more sustainable life. Join the movement.

In this workshop, participants up-cycled fabric and materials into a useful tote bag which can replace plastic shopping bags. With the help of the team, participants personalised the design and learn how to sew a French seam, install a pocket, attach straps and box the corners of a tote bag.

Participants were encouraged to bring any garment/curtain or table cloth however it was not a requirement and materials were provided.

Please note sewing machines were shared and therefore gloves and sanitizer were used in accordance with safety requirements.

This workshop was recommended for ages 15+

Fee: 200 AED.

About Peahead.Eco

Christine Wilson created which collects and processes local would-be-waste material to upcycle and develop new functional items. The ethos is to develop designs with a cultural and emotional connection which are kind to the environment. As part of the slow fashion movement they encompass eco, green, ethical and sustainable practices and remind us that recycling can be a fun process of reimagining.