Yadawei Ceramic Studio will host a tile carving workshop, where designer, Parisa Fathi, will guide the participants on how to carve a tile, using only clay and carving tools.

Tile carving is easy and quick but still requires some imagination, to be able to produce a picture in 2D into a 3D tile. Participants will learn how to tile detailed images and reproduce exactly what they want and how to reproduce the realistic side of the picture on the tile.

Ages 16+. All levels welcome. Register here.

About Yadawei Ceramic Studio

Yadawei Ceramic Studio is the first pottery studio in the GCC. Opened 5 years ago, it has attracted many clay lovers to create and share their passion. Along with memberships, workshops for all ages are offered all year long. Occasionally it becomes an art gallery to showcase an artist visiting Dubai. It has become a second home for some hobbyists, who cannot wait to finish work, to come to the studio and work with the clay. Being in Yadawei is like entering the magical world of pottery. From having their normal hectic working life, being in Yadawei makes them guide others on how to throw, or which glaze to use to have a perfect artwork.