Developed by Amsterdam-based Mediamatic, a curated dining concept inspired by the recent distancing measures due to COVID-19 was staged in a series of glass greenhouses placed in the heart of d3, presented by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UAE, for visitors to come together in a safe and unique setting, with a focus on the importance of water, energy, and food for audiences of all ages.

In French, the private dining area in restaurants and bars is called a “chambre séparée”. In this Mediamatic concept, guests dined in private little greenhouses fit for two or four people: the serres séparées.

During Dubai Design Week, the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UAE together with Dutch industry partners staged a series of ‘serres séparées’ in d3, where lunch and dinner was served for the duration of the week. The concept allowed visitors, particularly families, to come together in a safe and unique setting, to see, and be seen, while sharing a meal in an intimate space even during these uncertain times.

The service was operated by d3-based restaurant, Molecule Bistro Royale Dubai, who served a conceptual plant based, vegan menu consisting of mostly Dutch produce. During the rest of the day, the greenhouses provided a platform to discuss the importance of water, energy and food.