The masterclass explained and discussed the development process of the glass house based private dining solution that was developed to enable safe dining amidst a pandemic. How to test the setting, design the food, evaluate first experiences and improve.

The masterclass was conducted by Willem Velthoven and team members. The masterclass was supported by a video documentary and with an on line manual for setting up your own and encouraged participants to learn and improve the concept.

This was an online session

About Mediamatic Amsterdam

Mediamatic is an Art Centre dedicated to new challenges for Art and Design. It is based in Amsterdam. In the first 20 years, Mediamatic earned many accolades for its work in the area of electronic media. Since 2007, its focus has gradually shifted to working with life: biology, sustainability, food and the intimate senses. Mediamatic ETEN is a plant based restaurant in the centre of Amsterdam, that provides regular hospitality as well as a stage of radical artist-take-overs. Mediamatic is lead by its founder Willem Velthoven.