Orangebox will operate an open house showroom and will focus on the regional launch of their new product ‘Woods'

Our physical and psychological well-being has moved centre stage and within enlightened organisations the need to care for their workforce has become a central requirement in the creation of new work spaces. Woods/planters are designed to make our workplace a more engaging, stimulating and restorative environment. They are designed to allow the originators of work spaces to create areas that are centered in the restorative dynamics of nature. Woods/planters is a product that facilitates both the creation of a scalable natural oasis of plants that offer diverse work typologies within and around them, for both the individual and the collaborative group.

About Orangebox

Orangebox was born in the summer of 2002. From the outset, our powerful innovation focus gave us a compelling point of difference, enabling us to create products that responded to the changing world of work, helping our clients create more agile, collaborative and productive workplaces.

Continuous research and innovation remains at the heart of our business, and the valuable insight it provides helps makes us prescient about the evolving world of work. Smartworking® is our ever-increasing portfolio of furniture developed expressly to help create great collaborative workspaces