Participants will be introduced to a creative form of art photography known as light-painting. Movements of light during a long exposure create striking images that illuminate subjects. The resulted artworks act as a combination of manual set-ups and digital manipulation that allow the communicator to capture unique motion.

The workshop will be divided into 3 stages:

1. Intro/discussion of technical aspects such as camera settings, exposure times etc. We will also take a look at what tools can be used to light paint with.

2. Creating light painting manual work.

3. Digital manipulation of captured images on Photoshop.

Some equipment may be provided, please feel free to bring your own equipment if available. Additionally, you may combine the works with previous photographs you have taken of any subject, creating a new concept. Experiential works include making letters, building words, making shapes such as spin orbs and rainbow ribbons.

Limited capacity. Register here.

About Laura Bakalka

Laura Bakalka is the Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at the American University in Dubai, who has found a passion in visual story-telling by becoming part of experimental artworks. With works practiced across Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, Laura is now sharing some of her experiential works of light-painting photography and further image manipulation at the American University for the Dubai Design Week.