Kumiko patterns can be found on panels, to decorate traditional Japanese houses and pieces of furniture. In this workshop, participants were introduced to how those panels are created.

At the end of this workshop, participants left with a small decorative panel with a Asa-no-ha pattern or a Yotsuba Izutsu-Tsugi pattern.

Participants were given a starter kit, with all the required pieces. The pieces in the kit were assembled together to create a frame. Participants then cut and adjust others pieces of wood with a saw and a chisel, and created the pattern. Finally, they worked on the finishing, and applied a piece of shoji paper at the back of the panel.

This workshop was recommended for ages 16+

Fees: AED 50

About Okomoko Creations

Okomoko creations was born in Dubai 2 years ago, from the willingness to discover the local art and a need to step back from everyday’s craziness. From the middle-east to Japan, patterns are fully part of traditional art and design. Learning how those patterns are made is an incredible journey in history and culture. We try to make beautiful pieces, using those patterns.