An urban intervention fostering a distant gathering in response to Covid-19 and the required distancing measures. It is rooted in a contextual exploration of material, cultivating the local and natural resources in the form of compressed earth. A raw yet abstract expression of the contextual material was displayed in the form of a series of monolithic seats and surfaces.

The spatial installation exhibited a monolithic, raw outdoor landscape seating. Using compressed sand and earth that is sourced locally as an environmentally conscious material that is energy efficient. It was a durable cast material that is natural, non-toxic, non-polluting and ‘breathes’. Stacked on top of a platform that alternates the ground material for a heightened experience of an outdoor, landscape seating, with gravel and vegetated pockets.

The installation was a tactile exploration for those wandering through the design exhibitions to grab a coffee and take a moment reflecting outdoors, with a reminder of the environment and its potentialities.

The materials used include soil, sand and clay. As well as wood to build the formwork in which it is compressed into form. The installation was designed to be a sustainable work that can live on as public seating in d3 or elsewhere, not a temporary installation that would result in construction waste and disposed materials.