V8 Architects used the design of the Dutch pavilion for EXPO2020 to showcase that you can build with mushrooms and plants. For the architects, there is no doubt that many solutions for a more sustainable future are to found in the building sector.

Solutions that are there for the taking, with circularity as its main driver. Existing buildings can be given a second life by retrofitting or repurposing them. And how about the relatively new area of bio-based materials. Materials that can be used to make beautiful products and at the same time act as a very interesting building material. Two examples of solutions, both at different scales, both sustainable and circular. V8 Architects, experienced in designing sustainable buildings, took you along these areas, and showed you how you can build with mushrooms and how you can integrate growing veggies in a building.

This was an online session. Please click here to view the talk.

About V8 Architects

V8 Architects, known for its inventive solutions for complex, mostly inner-city projects undertakes commercial projects, housing and public buildings, in an international context. With sustainability as their main driver the practice offers solutions at different levels of scale. From retrofitting and repurposing existing buildings to give them a second life, the creation of a self-sustaining circular pavilion to the use of bio-based building materials. Their research department currently is conducting research about building with bio-based materials in collaboration with Dutch universities.

About Michiel Raaphorst

Michiel Raaphorst (b. 1972), architect-director and, together with Rudolph Eilander, founder of V8 Architects, has been fascinated by construction from an early age. Michiel graduated from the Delft University of Technology in 1998, after which he gained work experience with various international architectural practices including (EEA) Erick van Egeraat associated architects, where he worked as architect on the Uberseequartier in Hamburg and the Dutch embassy in Warsaw. To gain an understanding of the other end of the spectrum, he also worked with real estate developer Multi Vastgoed. This breadth of experience enables him to create meaningful connections between the wishes of his clients and the creation of distinctive and highly regarded buildings. Since 2011 Michiel has been architect-director and co-owner of V8 Architects. Projects of V8 include amongst others the Netherlands pavilion for EXPO2020 Dubai, the highest residential tower in the city center of Rotterdam named ‘The CoolTower (150 meters)’, KPN headquarters (offices - Rotterdam), Sijthoff (shopping mall – The Hague), Villa K6 (private villa – Amsterdam) and Mediahaven (office and television studio’s – Amsterdam).