The department of graphic design at AUE organised its 6th International design conference (IDC) entitled “Design Education from physical classrooms to virtual spaces”

IDC aimed to examine the impact of crisis on design education and practice. Much research regarding online, or blended learning, has focused on theoretically founded learning areas, with less attention directed toward fundamentally practical learning areas, such as Design and Art Education. Leading designers and educators from all over the world explored, discussed and shared their experience and views of the challenges in transitioning to a blended model of curriculum delivery and explore potential solutions. Online webinars, design workshops and portfolio review sessions were provided provided.

From halting classes to delaying new construction projects, the pandemic has had a measurable impact on design education and practice. Quick adaptation to remote learning has kept schools afloat, but as we emerge from lockdown, the threat of the pandemic calls into question how academic facilities will accommodate our return. Will classes resume in-person, or online? Will social distancing measures impact class sizes?

Conference day 1 will took place on 9 Nov.

Conference day 2 will took place on 10 Nov.

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