1971- Design Space presented Desert Cast - Towards an Identity by the Kuwait-based designers Jassim AlNashmi, Kawther AlSaffar and Ricardas Blazukas. Hybridising motifs from the past and present, the series contributed to the development of local design identity through its re-application of regional and borrowed elements.

Desert Cast borrowed the profiles used for extruded gypsum cornices and friezes, morphing them by overlapping the designs with two other locally embellished processes, sand-casting, and foam-cutting. This exhibition presented ten original pieces which showed at Abwab in DXBDW 2018, the developed pieces commissioned by 1971- Design Space and a visual story of the process. The trio invited the UAE-based designer Talin Hazbar to express her interpretation of Desert Cast using Emirati materials and inspiration from the UAE’s architecture. The results from the collaboration were projected through public installations within the Emirate of Sharjah. The exhibition’s publication was launched during DXBDW 2020. The publication documents the fabrication process of the project and its progression with the collaboration, the newly commissioned pieces, the presentation at 1971- Design Space along with essays by experts from the region in relation to the topic of identifying the regional architectural design identity.

About 1971 - Design Space

1971 is a multi-functional design space dedicated to the display and discussion of all forms of contemporary design ranging from graphic, furniture to interior, interactive design and new technologies. With a variety of curated exhibitions and public programmes, 1971-Design Space aims to become a regional and international design hub in the U.A.E. working in close proximity with local designers, architects, schools and universities