A panel of industry professionals critically examined the relevance of coliving as a new-age living model in a post-Covid world.

Speaking to Kerem Cengiz (LWK + PARTNERS), Fadi Sarieddine (Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio) and Bass Ackermann (Hive Coliv) examined the relevance of modern living solutions such as ‘coliving’ in a post-Covid world. Having become increasingly popular as an alternative, contemporary living solution which is largely predicated on the shared use of resources and infrastructure, they questioned whether coliving has a place in a vastly different world, and if so, how this model will be impacted. They delved into the critical design elements and considerations which will help to ultimately influence the success of this model whilst also highlighting the aspects that align well with these novel constraints.

Panel consisted of:
Bass Ackermann – Founder - Hive Coliv
Fadi Sarieddine – Founder – Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio
Kerem Cengiz – Managing Director for MENA – LWK + PARTNERS

Online session. This webinar session was broadcasted on 11 November, 2020.

About Bass Ackermann

Bass Ackermann is the Founder of Hive Coliv, the UAE’s first real estate developer solely focused on the development and management of coliving communities. Having grown frustrated with the lack of design-led, flexible and affordable accommodation available to young professionals in the market, Bass found Hive Coliv in partnership with A.R.M Holding to redefine the residential landscape through the development and management of boutique coliving communities.

About Fadi Sarieddine

Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio is a multidisciplinary atelier that was officially founded in 2013 by Lebanese architect Fadi Sarieddine and his wife Lilas Bitar. The studio’s work ranges in scale from architectural projects, to interior design for offices, retail, restaurants and residential as well as furniture design. Whether it’s a building or a table, the design tends to retell the story behind by providing a further philosophical dimension to the object.

About Kerem Cengiz

Kerem Cengiz is the Managing Director – MENA at LWK + PARTNERS. With a strong design-led background and technical and commercial aptitude, he has had over 25 years of international experience across all aspects of design and real estate development.