Bringing together key experts across the digital, cultural, mobility and tactile fields RMJM hosted an interactive discussion to address the challenges of the new era of design thinking and agility.

The talk focussed on how we can respond through design thinking and agility to create positive change that addresses the challenges of our next era of habitation. How can we re-imagine our buildings, spaces and cities so they can be better connected, empowering digital processes that could foster new hybrids, public spaces that enable new communities that address the complexity of identity and culture.

The talk drew on a community of knowledge leaders and expertise to facilitate an open discussion and dialogue to define the challenges and possibilities through design as a collective discipline approach.

Panel Included:

  • Future City (UK), Mark Davy, Founder and CEO
  • Mobility in Chain, Federico Parolotto, Senior Partner
  • DIDI, Hani Asfour, Dean of Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation
  • DDU, TU Darmstadt - Anton Savov, Architect/Researcher
  • RMJM, George Arvanitis, Director of Masterplanning and Urbanism
  • RMJM, Marija Stringheta, Sr. Architect
  • RMJM, Noor Majid, Graphic Designer

Online session. Registrations closed.

About RMJM

With a continuous presence in the Middle East since the 1960’s, our combination of intellectual capital and regional expertise allows us to solve the most complex of problems, offering innovative designs, rooted in the understanding of local culture and traditions.

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