Participants will be able to create perfect photography shots of their favorite buildings in a creative artistic way.

Participants will learn how to create their truly own eye-catching photographs of the city’s-built environment in this hands-on workshop with a particularly professional architectural photographer.

Recommended for age 16+

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About Sharabassy Built Environment Studio

Sharabassy Built Environment Studio is an innovative research-based design studio and an educational institute headquartered in Dubai Design District. The firm is also present in Egypt (Cairo), with a local presence in K.S.A (Jeddah).

Our core value revolves around research and development not only in the design process but also in ground breaking training, workshops and courses specifically tailored on our clients’ needs.

Essam Arafa is working as an Architect since 2006. He always had a big passion for photography since he was 13 years old. He is working as an architect as his primary job, and from time to time Essam enjoys shooting whenever he finds a chance.