In this hands-on activity, children are encouraged to paint using natural materials (twigs, leaves, sticks, stones) and contribute to a collaborative mural. Children can also paint on an A4 sticky paper to take home their very own sticker.

For children, curiosity is what keeps them moving all day long. This boundless energy and spirit of exploration is a good thing, with every new texture, sensation and colour they discover, they are building an understanding of the world around them. MAS paints aims to bring focus to the environment, by giving children the opportunity to explore elements of nature and foliage.

Children will work with a variety of natural materials and learn different techniques of mixing paint, use nature inspired tools to create artwork with bold and vivid bursts of color.

About MAS Paints

MAS is a leading Italian brand of high quality paints, wood lacquers and decorative paints that encapsulates elegance, style and a splash of creativity with the power to transform walls into works of art.