Armed with nothing but a crayon and a piece of paper participants will learn about the art of Risograph and create their own Risographed masterpiece in this workshop hosted by Toil & Tinker.

Whether you are an amateur artist, a full blown professional or just a kid with a crayon, you will be able to create a masterpiece in this Risomania Workshop. Participants will be given a brief history lesson on the art of Risograph before they unleash the inner Da Vinci. Participants will walk away with multiple copies of their artwork to stun their friends and family.

The workshop is conducted by Paul Green, founder and creative director of Toil & Tinker.

Recommended for ages 8+

Free entry

Limited spaces. Register at

About Toil & Tinker

Toil & Tinker is a boutique printer in the heart of Dubai offering a range of artisan and modern print methods to deliver unique and bespoke products.