In age of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, where more and more jobs are taken over by machines, this talk explores the way forward.

Discussing the possible design jobs of the future in four different design fields: Product Design, Multimedia Design, Fashion Design and Strategic Design Management, the talk examines the kinds of skills needed for designers to survive and adapt to the new digital norm and to humanize technology as machines and robots render many current jobs obsolete.


- Hammad Khan, Evangelist – Human Centred Design, Accenture Interactive

- Leen Sadder, Creative Hub Lead, ATÖLYE

- Prem Kamath, Digital Strategy and Experience Leader, Ernst & Young

- Moderated by Miikka Lehtonen, Strategic Design Management Assistant Professor , DIDI

About Hammad Khan, Evangelist – Human Centred Design, Accenture Interactive

Hammad is a hands-on, human-centred design evangelist. Over the last 20 years he has taken a people-first approach to the design of digital services, brand/marketing campaigns and even the experience of a luxury tourism resort. From self-taught junior freelancer to Creative Director, he has worked with premier brands across the world, eventually establishing his own UK based consulting firm (and other start-up ventures) and is now a leader at Accenture Interactive, based in Dubai. Hammad is passionate about Design education and is committed to mentoring young talent. He is a prolific writer, public speaker and regional leader of industry initiatives such as GlobalJams and the Service Design Network.

About Leen Sadder, Creative Hub Lead, ATÖLYE

Leen is a multidisciplinary designer, entrepreneur and connector. She began her career with a Graphic Design degree from the American University of Beirut, and worked in branding and visual communication at independent design studios in Beirut and New York. In 2010, her student project THIS Toothbrush went unexpectedly viral online. She joined Huge Inc. in Brooklyn as a digital product designer but continued working on THIS on the side. Most recently, Leen has joined ATÖLYE, a creative hub and studio based in Istanbul, to lead their launch and community efforts in Dubai.

About Prem Kamath, Digital Strategy and Experience Leader, Ernst & Young

Prem Kamath leads EY’s design and innovation capability across the Middle East and North Africa. An exponential thinker, technologist and entrepreneur, Prem has been helping clients reimagine the future and bring customer centric concepts to life. A firm believer in the power of collective intelligence, design, rapid prototyping and ecosystems, he is usually the ‘digital glue’ - bringing diverse perspectives together. Over the past 12 years, he has been working with public and private sector organizations accelerating their digital, experience and innovation agenda. He is focused on helping clients disrupt status quo and launch new ventures. He conceptualized, set-up & manages EY Wavespace (MENA) and the partnership with Area 2071.

About Miikka Lehtonen, Strategic Design Management Assistant Professor , DIDI - Moderator

Miikka J. Lehtonen is a multidisciplinary academic with a research and teaching focus on engineering, design, and business. He established Nordic Rebels, a movement transforming learning and higher education which has won several national and international awards, one of them being the Danish Design Award in the Better Learning category.
Prior to joining DIDI, Miikka has worked at Aalto University in Finland and the University of Tokyo in Japan. In addition, he also has prior work and teaching experience in Denmark, the United States, Russia, India, and China. Miikka’s current research interests and teaching methods focus on visual methodologies, knowledge production, management and creativity.

Free to attend and no registration required.