The Maze is an installation that explores the domains of interactive surfaces with a sculptural quality. It is an interface composed of modular panels that can create a seamless and unique pattern every time the visitors reconfigure the rotation.

The Maze is a dynamic installation that explores the domains of interactive surfaces with a sculptural quality. An array of modular panels generates a continuous pattern, unlocking a wide range of possible configurations that can be used as a language of signs.

The modular panel has a three-dimensional voluptuous form enhanced by metal finishing and unique reflections.

It is an interface that is constantly reconfigured by the visitors as they rotate the plates and change the configuration. This is possible because every panel has a mechanism to allow its rotation around the centre of the panel: the plate come out from its spot, can be rotated and re-inserted back. This transforms the wall into a 3D dynamic puzzle. The use of metal components and its shiny effect highlight the three-dimensional nature of the installation, reflecting the surroundings and interacting not only with the people but also with the environment.

For this project, NYXO created a multi-effect surface of Metal-skin. The plates that compose The Maze, and their combinations can transform a static decorative surface, into a dynamic open system ready for different applications.

About Nyxo Visionary Design

Nyxo is a design studio founded and led by Mirko and Michele Daneluzzo. This Dubai based practice is making its debut in the Middle East scenario, bringing with it the experience gained in the previous firm in Europe and the wealth of knowledge and experimentation carried out by its founders. The idea that supports the studio and characterizes its activity is the construction of future scenarios that incorporate and translate technological innovation into products and architectures.

This is reflected both in the design and manufacturing processes, closely related to digital computational tools and their evolution. Nyxo aspires to combine and mix techniques from different disciplines and has developed its unique transdisciplinary approach to design.

The constant goal of innovation has pushed Nyxo towards important results, like the realization of the first 3D printed AC unit, branded by Haier Group. Nyxo products are published and exhibited internationally, to name a few: Looper bench at the Portland Design Museum Foundation, Stort stool at Singaplural during the Singapore Design Week and Primitive knife, which is part of the permanent collection of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum of New York City.

Nyxo deals with projects of different scale and entity from architecture to product design and has produced a heterogeneous production for companies with an international reputation. The project typologies range from experimental Limited Edition objects to serial products or can consist of technologies researches and investigations.