Explored the extensive research on sleep patterns and circadian rhythms to understand the daily impact that light has on the body and mind in a presentation by leading international lighting design consultancy, Nulty.

Leading international lighting design consultancy Nulty presented a thought-provoking presentation on the interplay between lighting design and sleep. Led by Nulty’s Director Emilio Hernandez, the presentation will explored how we consumed lighting throughout the day, drawing upon extensive research into sleep patterns and circadian rhythms to understand the daily impact that light has on the body and mind.

Nulty’s research examined how lighting is considered an increasingly valuable tool for enhancing spaces by providing the appropriate 'energy’ and practical ambience throughout the day. The presentation explored how sleep patterns are strongly linked to Circadian rhythms, and how to understand the light we ‘consume' throughout the day to ensure that we wind down appropriately, and wake up to the correct level and quality of light.

Using inspirational case studies from the world of hospitality design, Emilio demonstrated how Nulty is working to produce a comprehensive guide for hospitality designers to ensure that the impact of lighting within design is fully understood. The study is part of Nulty’s ongoing mission to produce a Manifesto for Good Sleep, an instructive guide for the industry that will demystify the process around using light to create enhanced environments for sleep.

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About Nulty

Nulty is a leading-edge lighting design consultancy working with some of the world’s foremost architects and interior designers. Collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of their practice; improving life through light, no matter what the scale, is its goal. A Nulty project is defined by its originality and attention to detail.

About Emilio Hernandez

Emilio joined Nulty+ in 2014 and has worked in artificial and daylight lighting design for fourteen years. He has a strong understanding and appreciation of the interests and perspectives of consultants working on projects. As a Director, Emilio is involved in the day to day management of the practice and is still involved in working directly on projects.

Emilio has experience working on a wide range of projects including exterior landscape, commercial, high end residential and hospitality. He firmly believes that as a consultant it is essential to share the client’s vision. To achieve this communication and understanding of the brief are key to immersing oneself into the project.

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The Ned Hotel, London (copyright The Ned)
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