Sensi Trading one of the top importers of the finest tiles, surfaces and sanitary ware, launched the Agape bathroom experience in the d3 showroom where clients touched and felt the luxury of bathroom finishes and accessories.

This exhibition provided a unique opportunity to discover Agape Design which has helped lead the way in bathroom evolution. Its iconic products such as Spoon and Ottocento by Benedini Associati have served as milestones in contemporary décor. Nowadays Agape is in a position to meet the new demands of the market, expressing its distinctive and original style with 100% reliability, their products are made from marble or stone, or using an advanced technological material: Cristalplant® biobased.

The in-house design projects stem from a combination of true passion, the sensitivity to interpret bathroom, time, and space and the will to engage skilled professionals able to turn design into product.

About Sensi

SENSI Trading L.L.C. was established in 2010 in Dubai, UAE to serve the needs of the growing real estate sector in the country. SENSI brings to the Gulf and Middle East Region the latest quality tiles, stones, sanitary wares, bathroom accessories, furniture, recomposed quartz, concrete panels, bespoke furniture, and a variety of special material.