Learn the principles of interior and spacial design and virtual reality with Sharabassy Built-Environment Studio. Participants will be introduced to 3D digital modelling to recreate a room.

The exercise covers the roots and basics of interior and spatial design, the relation between space and activity, and space analysis to design for the hosted function. Attendants will be introduced to 3D digital modelling software – SketchUp – to help them visualize, render and manipulate their designs, after which they will step int

Participants will create a 3D digital model of a bedroom and provide measurements, photos and 2D plan (sketch) for furniture placement during the process, to facilitate the modelling phase. After creating the 3D model, participants will render and visualize their model, to reach a realistic output and use VR goggles to step into their room design.

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About Sharabassy Built-Environment Studio

Award-winning firm Sharabassy Built Environment Studio provides workshops for kids and young people to enhance their creativity through design and art. Its educational segments are licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority and cater to elementary and high school students, university students and young professionals.