Global Grad Show conference returned on November 11th under the theme “Innovating for Social Impact”, mirroring the exhibition's commitment to social development and academic engagement.

The conference explored how universities can be catalysts for sustainable development across the world. Drawing from the experience of professors, graduates, entrepreneurs and stakeholders, it shed light on the learnings from existing initiatives that use technology, science and design to foster social impact. It created a dynamic exchange platform offering insights and inspiration on how to innovate for a better tomorrow, consisting of a series of keynotes, panel discussions and presentations from those working in the field.

Innovating for Social Impact was curated by Community Jameel, the global philanthropy. Driven by a commitment to creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, and youth, Community Jameel is active worldwide and works across six major fields of development: livelihoods, the arts, education, health, climate, and evidence.

About Global Grad Show

Global Grad Show, held in partnership with Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), November 12-16, will offer first-hand access to the next generation of graduates designing solutions for a better world.

Presented for the second consecutive year in partnership with ICD, Global Grad Show received applications from graduates in 200+ universities across the globe. The 150 graduate projects, from 40+ universities worldwide, explore solutions for issues in the fields of health, social care, disabilities, biodiversity, water pollution, farming and sustainable cities.