Visitors learnt first-hand the basic skills that are needed to create simple blown glass with a live glass blowing demonstration held at Crystal Arc Studios.

Visitors experienced the art of glass blowing first hand with a live demonstration by Rune Alexander Reisanen, expert glass blower from Norway.

Glass blowing is a process where a portion of molten glass is taken from gloryhol using a blowpipe. It uses the delicate techniques of continually blowing the glass through the blowpipe in order to create a particular glass shape/design.

This demonstration emphasized the basic skills that are needed to create simple blown glass. And included a supervised practice time for a selected individual.

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About Crystal Arc Studios

Crystal Arc Studios is the new venture of Crystal Arc Factory LLC. CA Studios is the only Hot Glass Shop in the UAE. We produce an exclusive custom made and handcrafted glass. We have an artist that is expert in hot and cold techniques, every products we offer to clients is unique and handcrafted upon order.
Rune Alexander Reisanen , from Norway is the glass blower artist at CA Studios. He went to one of the most prestigious glass school in Norway. For years he has been a freelance glass blower travelling around the world for his passion for glass. Recently he join CA Studios to share is craftsmanship and experience with the team.