The ‘Géométrie Variable’ exhibition celebrated the aesthetics and functionality of design, featuring works by Belgium designer, Corinne van Havre, founder of label ‘Laloul’ and French ceramist, Sabine Orlandini.

During this year’s Dubai Design week, Comptoir 102 hosted the ‘Géométrie Variable’ exhibition celebrating the aesthetics and functionality of design. Through its pop-up exhibition, Comptoir 102 illustrated the continuous pursuit for highly versatile, sometimes unconventional, but always beautiful and original pieces of art and design to showcase in Dubai. The ‘Géométrie Variable’ exhibition featured the work of Belgium designer, Corinne van Havre, founder of label ‘Laloul’ and French ceramist, Sabine Orlandini. An architectural detail was the starting point of the exhibition: divert, transform, decontextualize, play with geometry and create small utilitarian sculptures and interior jewels.

About Comptoir 102

Launched in 2012 by Emma Sawko, Comptoir 102 is an award-winning furniture concept store. Comptoir 102 celebrates beautiful craft and design, mixing the bohemian ethos of comfort with a trendy unconventional direction. Serendipitous finds from travels as well as collaborations with cherished designers are at the heart of Comptoir 102’s inimitable style curated with design and objects from around the globe. Earning its title of “House of Cool” with its L.A. vibes, the store is constantly evolving and changing décor. New arrivals, trunk shows and events make each visit a special time with something new to discover. Selected brands, one-of-a-kind pieces, limited editions, artist collaborations and trunks-shows hosted by the designers themselves, create the soulful spirit Comptoir 102 most notably embodies.

About Corrine van Havre (Laloul)

Corrine van Havre (Laloul): In 2003 Corinne launched her jewellery line inspired by different artistic disciplines such as art, architecture, fashion and craft production. As a fan of noble materials such as metal and glass, she made the decision to extend her work as a jewellery designer with the creation of unique and timeless pieces for the home.

About Sabine Orlandini

Sabine Orlandini: Sabine’s work is based on a search for forms - a sculptural and utilitarian object at the same time, where the graphic expression is omnipresent. The functionality of her objects is not immediate or definitive, and she enjoys the fact that her creations can be used for things she did not initially think of.