Visitors explored the offices of The General Secretariat of the Cabinet which received the "International Property Awards" for its office’s interior design, combining elements from UAE heritage and a dynamic environment for the workforce

Visitors to the office of the General Secretariat to the Cabinet were pleasantly immersed in the design of the entire floor, which was reimagined and renovated to raise the profile of the art within the UAE Government. The office received the prestigious "International Property Awards Middle East 2019" for its interior design, which combines elements from UAE heritage while offering a dynamic environment for the workforce.

Many bespoke artworks were specifically designed to customize the décor, including a portrait celebrating the UAE’s Founding Father, which contours the profile of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The workspace Incorporates biophilic design to increase people’s connectivity to the environment. Carrying cultural elements in the design process, one of the pieces include a hand-made installation of marine ropes to represent the Dyyeen, a woven bag that pearl divers used to hang around their neck to hold their underwater treasures.

About General Secretariat of the Cabinet

The General Secretariat is the central and permanent organ of the UAE Cabinet. It prepares, proposes, and studies the agenda items for the Cabinet’s meeting in line with UAE's vision and strategies. It provides the technical and administrative support services that allows the Cabinet to perform its functions and convene its sessions. The General Secretariat is the primary intermediary and communication liaison between the Cabinet and the all ministries, institutions and authorities of the UAE government. It ensure streamlined collection and distribution of information across the federal government. The team of General Secretariat comprises legal and administrative members performing legal work, providing all data and information, and conducting any studies required by the Cabinet. As part of its wider mandate, the General Secretariat supports any other functions assigned to it by the Cabinet or the Prime Minister. It also serves as custodian of the documents and archives of the UAE Cabinet.